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The severe side effects of propecia


Propecia is a drug that is used by men to treat baldness and it is normally taken if you notice that you have a pattern of baldness. But unlike other drugs, it is taken once per day. It is common knowledge that male baldness has affected majority of people; and research shows that more than fifty percent of men have at one time been forced to use the drug.

It is also estimated that most of these men have also be left with side effects that they have been unable to understand. If you are a victim of the side effects, you should read on some of the effects that are caused by propecia.

One study in the Australia reported that those men, who have been using propecia, have been treated with sexual side effects. The most common side effects are: erection dysfunction, ejaculation disorder and decrease in libido.

Men who have are known to take the drug have low sex drive and their desire to have sex decrease as they continue their medication. The pattern can continue even after they have stop taking the drug.However, if you notice that the side effects are not decreasing, you can consult your doctor to get proper medical help.

A part from sexual effects, it can also lead to other side effects that can be dangerous of they are not treated early. It can lead to difficulty in breathing and swelling on your face. This normally occurs when you have not consulted your doctor and discussed of any allergies that you have.

In some men, it can lead to breast lumps and when the side effects have advanced, it can lead to pain and discharge on nipple. The main side effects of propecia are: having a runny nose, develop skin rashes, feeling dizziness, swelling on your feet, severe headaches, weakness and impotence.

There are some medications that you can use to interact well with the drug and they can as well reduce the side effects.However, the medicines have to be prescribed by your doctor; this is after you have opened up about your medical history and explain any allergies that you have.

You should never start any new medication without involving your doctor; your doctor is able to tell you on the side effects that come by taking it. If you also have the above side effects; it is not too late to see your doctor to get treated.

Use Kamagra Boost Your Sexual Life!

Kamagra is a prescription drug which is commonly used for a treatment of erectile dysfunction in men and high blood pressure. The drug provides men with high quality, efficient and safe medication that treat embarrassing problems that arise during intimate moments. The product also enhances woman’s libido that ignites her passion for lovemaking. Kamagra contains Sildenafil citrate ingredient which is similar to Cialis and Viagra. The drug was approved by Food and Drug Administration in 1998, and it is only marketed outside the United States. The medicine was the first Anti –impotent drug to be introduced in the market.

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How Kamagra Works

Kamagra is available in three forms, oral jelly, soft tabs and 100 mg tablets. Kamagra 100 mg jelly is the most preferred erectile dysfunction cure in Australia due to its exciting flavors. The drug works within 30 minutes after taking the pill. It enhances the hydraulic effect of blood entering in the sponge- like bodies within the penile regions. Kamagra helps– men to feel the gain sensitivity of genitals. It maintains the erection for four to six hours with quality and stable erection during of sexual intercourse. Furthermore, it provides extension, and it enhances sexual pleasure.


Kamagra Side Effects

  • Headache

The common side effect of Kamagra is a mild headache. The study reveals that a problem occurs in about 15 percent of the patients. Sildenafil nitrate increased body temperature causes dehydration and affects blood flow thus it lead to a headache. It is also reported that a problem is caused by sensitization and hyperexcitability of sensory nerve terminals.

  • Flushing

This is another side effect that affects around 10 percent of the patients. The effect is due to change in body temperature and increase blood flow to the particular area of the body. It usually occurs during sexual stimulation and happens in waist, genitals, face and chest. Flushing subsidies after orgasm have been completed. Furthermore, it makes the patient feel dizzy all causes blood pressure throughout the body.

  • Digestive problems

The product causes digestive problems like diarrhea and indigestion. High intake of doses affects gastrointestinal system. Kamagra relaxes the smooth muscle found in the digestive tract. This problem can be offset by drinking a lot of water and refrain from greasy foods. Alcohol strengthens the digestive problem that usually occurs from taking Kamagra.


Kamagra is should be administered under prescription. After doctor’s prescription, you can buy from Australia stores on you buy online. You are advice not to take with alcohol or when you are under medication. Also, overdosing is not allowed it caused side effects. You should ensure you talk with the medical specialist before taking any step of taking Kamagra. The drug is suitable for treating impotence, rapid onset of orgasm and erectile dysfunction for men between 18 to 82 years. Use Kamagra boost your sexual life!