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buying viagra in South Africa

Viagra in South Africa

For many males erectile dysfunction is not something that should get in the way of their sex-lives. However, as the human body grows older with time and testosterone levels start decreasing, many may find erectile dysfunction to become a large issue impacting their everyday lives. Such patients with with low sex drives may then turn to over the counter medicine such as viagra to add back some spice in their relationships. Everyone in America has heard of the “magical” male enhancer viagra. The small blue pill can be seen advertised on city bill boards and prime time tv commercials boasting about increasing male sex drives. Due to the popularity and demand for such blue pill, obtaining Viagra in America is simple as going to your local pharmacy and asking the pharmacist. However, obtaining such magic pill in other countries like South Africa may prove to be harder than expected.

buying viagra in South Africa

Although buying viagra in South Africa is possible and easier than expected. There still contains many complications to consider when ordering this male enhancer. As viagra is largely developed and manufactured in America, the exportation of this blue pill carries with it tariffs and other tax costs when it is transferred to other countries. According to, a pack of 4 blue viagra pills costs 45.00 Southern African Rand. In the U.S, 45 Southern African rands converts to almost four American dollars. Compared to the to two dollars cost of Viagra in the U.S, it is safe to say buying Viagra in South Africa is far more expensive.

In the past, buying this male enhancer from South Africa would have included weeks of planning as one would have to ship in a mail order and then wait for weeks for such order to process and for the package to be shipped out. Now with advances in modern technology, buying Viagra has become far more efficient. However, this does not mean one can open up Amazon or Walmart in the browser and order the pill to their location in Africa. Although mainstream merchant sites like Amazon and Walmart are not able to deliver such pill to a South African doorstep, some other lesser known sites are able to ship to South African addresses. Notably, sites like carry these pills for $1.27 a pill. This does seem like a very cheap option but one must not forget about shipping costs which are unfortunately in this cost, more than the actual pill themselves.

All in all, due to the immense popularity of Viagra, access to such pill is actually not as difficult as one may seem, even in countries as far away as South Africa. Even if the availability of Viagra proves difficult, there are always viable alternatives to viagra that one can buy in other countries. Notably, alternatives such as Cialis or Levitra may have a larger presence in countries far away from America. With such medicinal and technological developments, there has never been a better time to develop erectile dysfunction, especially in arguably less developed such as South Africa.