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Propecia: side effects you need to know

Is growing your hair worth the risk of extreme side effects. Is it the need to stay young, self confidance or the fear of change cause many men to seek out new ways to turn back the signs of baldness. All over the world some men do not want to see their hair go, and choose to uses proscription Propecia to grow new hair. Propecia is a prescription drug that has been shown to grow hair back, but the side effect are very costly. Depression, lost of sexual ability, and even suicidal thoughts have been link to the uses of Propecia. Health organizations all over the world have been adding to the side effect descriptions of Propecia after prolong uses and more clinical studies.

Propecia side effects

Propecia ability to grow hair was discovered by accident by the drug company Merck when testing it for other uses. Merck was using a higher dosage of the compound finasteride to battle an enlarge prostate gland or prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). When looking at the data the researcher found that some people started to grow hair back. Propecia uses a lower dosage of finasteride to stop the cause of baldness. It was found to increase the level of testosterone that triggers the body to grow hair.
Just like anything else by putting more of the body’s chemical it causes the body to react in different ways. The side effects of Propecia are known, and put out there for the public to see. In Australia, Propecia is available only by prescription. This means that with the drug a doctor should be going over the side effect. The pharmacist will give a medical sheet with the prescription that talks about the possible side effects. The information is out there, but for some people the reward is a much better outcome than the risk.
When looking at the risk of lost of sexual ability, pain, lumps and cancer one must ask is it worth it. The information points to the side effect more of the younger men. From the ages of 20 to 45, when the body has a large amount of testosterone by itself seem to be the group that gets effect the most. It must be difficult for these men to watch their hair fade away. This lose of youth must trigger a need to want to stay young. In people ages fifty five and older it has been seen an increase ability to form an aggressive from of prostate cancer. The drug has been link to increasing from of prostate cancer that is fast growing, and can be very dangerous.

Side effects

The most interesting aspect to the side effect of this drug is that is lingers for months after one stops taking it. It has been shown that the effect of Propecia can stay with the body for up to forty months after the stop of treatment. One can be suffering the effects, and can be suffering for over three years after the stoppage of treatment. One hopes that when a man feels that they need this kind of treatment the doctor gives them the whole story. It not a quick fix. It is a drug that has lasting effects to ones health. The ironic part of this story is that a man can uses Propecia to grow hair to become more sexual appareling, but with the uses of the drug suffer from sexual dysfunction. It is a true case of what is more important to that person.