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Cheap propecia in Australia: how to buy, side effects

Propecia is a pill tablet that can is used to cure hair loss in men. This pill is not to be taken by women. The side effects have a wide range from breast lumps and tenderness to impotence and loss of interest in sex. Propecia may also cause difficulty in breathing in more severe cases in which death may be imminent. The risks for this product far outweigh the rewards as it is only used to stimulate hair growth. There is no information on how this product may affect women as it seems that testing has only been done on men but it is still not recommended for female use.

Buy propecia in Australia

Propecia side effects

If it was, perhaps the side effects would be a lot worse. This may be especially true of the side effects having to do with the breast. The reason that this drug may not be suitable for women is that it manipulates the hormone testosterone which is a male dominant hormone. In the clinical trials men have experience decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction and have even discontinued use of Propecia in order to avoid the adverse effects. These clinical trials took place for about 48 weeks but it was stated that those who received the placebo also had similar tenderness issues in both their breast and testicular areas so these symptoms may not be due to the pills themselves considering the fact that the placebo doesn’t have any of the active ingredients that are in Propecia. The tablets themselves can easily enter the blood stream and should not even be touched by women or children as they may and can experience some adverse effects of the pills without ever having taken any. Those who are allergic to finasteride are discouraged from taking this drug as it will more than likely present more severe side effects. Also, there is a risk of the pills causing prostate cancer.

There are also a slew of other side effects that should be taken into account before deciding to take Propecia. Some of these side effects include bladder muscle disorder, urination problems and liver disease. Because of the increased chance of liver disease, it is advised that those who are taking Propecia don’t drink. Propecia should be taken with a full eight ounce glass of water every day at the same time for the best result and a change in hair growth should start to become more evident at around the three month mark. However, it is recommended that men take Propecia for longer than twelve months as stopping any time before 12 months can result in more hair loss, including the new hair that Propecia has assisted with growing.

Where to buy Propecia in Australia

There are various outlets in which one can buy propecia in Australia. The best option would be to first consult a primary care doctor to ensure that you are a good candidate for this course of treatment otherwise, you may go online at to buy propecia and have them shipped to your home address.

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