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A Guide To Proscar Pills

Proscar or finasteride, is a drug that inhibits testosterone conversion (to dihydrotestosterone ) in men, and is primarily prescribed for patients who have an enlarged prostate or require medication to lower their BPH or treat urinary problems. Women(especially those pregnant) and children are advised not to use this medication.

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Generic and Brand medication:
Proscar is the brand name for finasteride (which is the generic name) .

Always consult your local physician before attempting to use any medication on your own, as there are chances of an allergic reaction. Also if you are already under medication of some sort, there may be an interaction and hence it is best to seek the doctor’s advice.

How do you use it?
Before taking the pill, read the instructions on the product information leaflet carefully. Take the pill by mouth with a glass of water. It can also be taken with/without food. Have it everyday at the same time.

Have it only once a day, or as prescribed by your physician. If you miss a dose, inform your doctor immediately. It takes around six to twelve months to notice the benefits of this medication.

Side Effects:
Proscar may have several side effects which include sexual problems like impotence or reduced libido,swellings in your limbs and breasts,rashes, headaches, nausea and general weakness of the body. It might also increase chances of prostate and breast cancer, so report any abnormal changes in the body to your doctor, immediately.

How To Buy It:
You may buy it from your local drugstore( keep your prescription in hand, just in case) or order the pills online.

Price online:
A 30 tablet pack of Proscar (5 mg) will cost you around $153. A 100 tablet pack will be approximately $500.

Storage Information:
Proscar should be stored at room temperature, away from light, heat and moisture. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Safety Information:
If you are under Proscar medication refrain from having sex with a pregnant female, or else use barrier birth control methods, like condoms as Proscar pills can cause birth defects and damage the fetus.
Also refrain from blood donation during the period of medication and at least one month after to prevent Proscar exposure via blood transfusion to pregnant female.
Contact emergency room, in case of an overdose.
As Proscar can be absorbed by the skin, it should not be handled by a woman if the tablet is crushed or broken or if its film coating is otherwise damaged.

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