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Propecia is a prescription medication that is most typically used to treat hair loss in men. It works by converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone within the body. Hair loss among men is relatively common. The most typical way it manifests is via the hair on the scalp thinning out over time. This can result in a hairline that recedes and/or bald spots on the top of a man’s head.

Buy Propecia Tablets Online

It is crucial to note that Propecia should be only be used and handled my men. It can cause significant problems if women and/or children interact with it. Specifically, among pregnant women, Propecia can cause birth defects. While the tablets are coated and will prevent interactions with the main ingredient if they are just casually touched, this should be avoided. Women who touch a broken or crushed tablet should wash the affected area immediately with soap and water. They should also call a medical professional or proceed to the nearest emergency room.


Prior to taking Propecia, patients should discuss with their doctor whether they have had allergic reactions to Propecia or other similar drugs. As with all prescription medication, it is important to consult with a medical professional about your particular condition. Propecia can have a number of side effects. It can increase the risk of prostate cancer. This is another reason why you should consult with a doctor before taking it. Doctors can run tests to ensure that there are no other conditions present which would be problematic for someone taking Propecia. Additionally, patients should call their doctor immediately if after taking Propecia, they develop any changes to their breasts which may include the formation of lumps, pain, or nipple discharge. These could all be signs of breast cancer. Other less serious side effects may include: impotence, irregular ejaculation, swelling, dizziness, headaches, runny nose, rashes, and a general feeling that you may pass out. These other side effects usually do not require medical assistance. Most of the time, these side effects will go away after your body gets used to regular intake of the medication.


In terms of the administration of Propecia, it should be taken in exactly the amount instructed by your doctor. Typically, this is one tablet (1mg). It should be taken with a full glass of water with or without food. Propecia should be stored at room temperature in a place that will not be affected by moisture, heat, or light.


In order for it to work to its best capacity, users should take Propecia regularly. It is not uncommon for patients to only begin to see results after taking it daily for three months. Additionally, if you stop taking Propecia, it is quite likely that you will lose any hair gained within the first year after having stopped taking the medication. Of course, the decision as to whether to continue and/or stop taking it should be discussed with your doctor.


While there are many online pharmacies that will sell what they claim to be Propecia, you should only purchase it through a licensed pharmacy that requires a prescription. In order to find the cost of Propecia in Australia, you should consult the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

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