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Propecia dosage and possible side effects

Balding in men is a common occurrence, with quite a number of them not accepting their condition. With the recent increase in research, many supplements are available to treat such disorders. The basic fact is that baldness is because of the male hormone, testosterone. This explains why baldness is common in men, or in women with high testosterone levels.

Buy Propecia without prescription online

Buy Propecia without prescription online

One of the supplements is Propecia, which serves to prevent severities of baldness. Its most active ingredient is Finasteride; a very strong ingredient that excludes women and kids from using the product. As it is with all other supplements, Propecia has the right prescriptions and possible effects. It is important to have this information before using the product.

The dosage

The dosage of a drug refers to the amounts that you should take, to achieve maximum benefits. This brings in two aspects of over dosage and under dosage, and each has some impact. The prescriptions should be from an expert and they will depend on the required rectifications levels. With such a notion, it is important to consult a genuine professional before engaging in Propecia.

Propecia has a direct effect on production of dihydrotestosterone, which is a derivative of testosterone hormone. This means it works in the prostrate region of the user. Alterations from the right dosage are capable of causing problems, including cancer and kidney malfunctions. This makes dosage an important aspect for safe use of Propecia.

Side effects of Propecia

These manifestations arise from contact with any product, no matter the dosage. Propecia, being a booster, is not suitable for the allergic. Its active ingredients will cause hyperactive actions and symptoms such as breathing problems and swellings. Of course, allergic reactions can be fatal and this makes it a caution to all people prospecting to use Propecia.

Nausea symptoms

The intensity of these symptoms will depend on how strong the subject is. Although they are not as severe, they can lead to a short pass out, if you use the drug on an empty stomach. It is therefore recommendable to take this drug after meals and at a time when you can relax, to keep off these symptoms. If the migraines persist, it is advisable to contact your doctor.

Sexual dysfunctions

The fact that Propecia acts on the sexual hormone, testosterone, will definitely have some impact on the sexual performance. In addition, the nausea symptoms reduce the sexual urge and leads to consecutive poor sexual encounters. This side effect will again depend on the subjects’ body reaction to the ingredients of Propecia.

Most of the sexual dysfunctions will proceed even after ceasing to use the product. This leaves you as the user with a choice, although this side effect is somehow mild.

Reaction with other drugs

This is another fatal side effect, which may cause an easy death. The active ingredients in Propecia can react with other supplements such as herbal extracts and nutrients. Although the doctor will restrict you from some drugs, some foods may have these restrictions and will result in hyperactive reactions.

Abnormal swells

Although they have no significant adverse effect, the swelling of the limbs is a common side effect of Propecia. It is advisable to visit your physicians if the swells become abnormal or painful.




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