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Propecia pills

Propecia pills are a medication normally used to for treatment of male hair loss pattern effect. The drugs work by prevention of the conversion of testosterone hormone into dihydrotestosterone in the male body. This drug is strictly for use by only male adults and it should be avoided by children and women.

Before you take propecia pills, you should consider informing your doctor of your medical condition and health history. This will help your doctor in establishing whether you are fit to consume the pills. These health conditions that your doctor should know include any liver diseases, prostate cancer, or allergic reactions to certain drugs and even blood sugar.

Buy Propecia online

Buy Propecia online


The most recommended dose is taking 1 milligram tablet of the drug per day. It is okay for you to take it with or without food. It should also be taken for about three to four months for perfect results.

In case you miss a dose, it is advisable to take the dose immediately you remember about it. However, if the dose is nearing your next dose, you should skip it and never take extra pills. An accidental overdose should be handled immediately by contacting a doctor though the effects of an overdose are not life threatening.

Side effects

Propecia drugs do have side effects. However, these side effects do not occur to every user. These side effects are:-

Impotence. This is lack of sexual interest. As said before, not all the side effects are replicated in all the users. Another side effect may also include abnormal ejaculation during sex. It also results in tenderness in ones breasts. Dizziness and weakness at times may also be felt with the use of this drug. Headache is also another side effect of the drug. Some of the side effects of the drug stop as soon as you stop taking it. Some of the side effects may not stop and therefore, you will have to consult your doctor.

Pro and cons


  • The Propecia pill is convenient for administration. This is because you only take one daily.
  • It has proved to have similar results in most users.
  • The pills can help in restoring lost hair and also stop hair loss from progressing.


  • It is not a cure to loss of hair and therefore it only works for a long term if you continue taking it. Therefore in case you stop taking it, it is likely to lose hair that was gained within 12 months after stopping medication.

The drug also causes sexual side effects.

To conclude, it is advisable for everyone who thinks of using the Propecia pills to consult a doctor before starting the medication. It is also advisable to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages.

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