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Purchase Priligy without prescription

If you are one of the many men in Australia affected by premature ejaculation you are going to want to keep reading this article. There is no need to suffer from premature ejaculation (PE) with the many various treatment options currently available.
A highly rated and effective treatment approach is the pharmaceutical Priligy. Priligy, otherwise known by its generic name Dapoxetin is a widely used compound that has been around for more than a decade.
Priligy mechanism of action is the inhibition of the serotonin transporter. This increase action at the post synaptic cleft and as a result it will increase the likelihood a ejaculatory delay.
Priligy does come from the same class of drugs that is used in depression, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. It is important to note that Priligy does not care the same risk profile or side effects because it is quickly absorbed in the body and expelled.
This drug should be taken within a few hours prior to the anticipated sexual encounter because it will clear out of your system some time after that.

Buy Priligy without prescription

Priligy without prescription
Priligy is a widely available medication that can be found in your local town at the pharmacy or chemists. It is an over the counter medication meaning it does not require a prescription.
Priligy is widely available online. Always be sure to purchase from reputable sellers. Priligy comes in 3 common potencies: 30mg, 60 mg and 90 mg. the price per pill will vary based on the potency and the number of pills purchased at a time.
A recent search placed a 60 pack of 90mg potency Priligy at 190.00, a 60 pack of 60mg potency at 90 and 60 pack of 30mg at 75. Price will vary depending on the store where you purchase.
It is recommended that an individual always start a trial with the lowest potency first, 30mg. try that dosage for a month of at least 60 doses. If greater strength is needed moved up to 60mg. Repeat the process and move up to 90mg if needed.
You should always speak with you doctor prior to beginning any new medication regimen. Priligy should only be used by men 18 to 64 years old. The medication should be taken with a full glass of water. Food is optional. It is advised to avoid alcohol while using Priligy because it can exacerbate the effects of alcohol like sleepiness or slow reaction time. Priligy is not indicated for daily use and only one tablet should be consumed during a 24 hour period.

Side effects
While Priligy is often well tolerated there are some common side effects. Most common side effects include dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, headache and insomnia.
Men that suffer from premature ejaculation sometimes additional are afflicted with erectile disfunction. The use of medications such as Cialis or Viagra will not affect the use of Priligy. It is safe to use both medications at the same time.
Now that you know why not take back control of your life. PE can be an embarrassing and disheartening condition to live with, why not change that with a simple highly effective and safe medication?
Don’t let PE stand in the way if your quality of life. Ensure that your partner gets just as much pleasure from sexual encounters as you. Purchase Priligy and forget about your worries.

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