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Viagra Melbourne Victoria

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Viagra Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction 

Many men will someday suffer from erectile dysfunction in some form but it is most common in older men. There are some physiological reasons that can cause erectile dysfunction to occur that include Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, alcoholism, and drug abuse. These are a few of the most common factors that cause erectile dysfunction but the root of the problem in the majority of cases is often obesity and age. Hereditary health risks may also prompt issues with erectile dysfunction. Hope should not be lost because there is a simple answer to solving erectile dysfunction, it is called Viagra (Sildenafil).

How do erections work

The body is able to release chemicals when sexually stimulated which causes blood to increase to the sexual organ. The blood flows into two areas inside the penis that is made of muscle tissue. When blood flows into the corpus cavernosum an erection occurs. If the chemicals are not being produced or blood flow is otherwise restricted to the corpus cavernosum the body fails to produce an erection. It is important to know that having erectile dysfunction does not necessarily mean there is no cure and many times it can be treated with a simple pill.

Viagra Melbourne Victoria


Erectile dysfunction is a serious medical condition that is not always easy to discuss. It is important to ignore any social embarrassment attached to failing to perform and just tell your doctor about it. Symptoms can be difficult to spot and include blockages in the vascular system so a professional’s insight is important. Always check with your doctor when any signs of erectile dysfunction occur. These can also include low self-esteem, depression, and other cues of avoidance or abnormal behavior for that individual.

Viagra (Sildenafil)

Viagra, also known as Sildenafil which is the active ingredient, is a pharmaceutical drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. This is the most popular and some would say effective erectile dysfunction treatment available in modern medicine. It is relatively inexpensive when compared to other important medications and is taken 30 minutes prior to sex to achieve an erection. Viagra helps to boost blood flow where it is needed resulting in an erection that can last up to several hours. If it does last 4 hours or more you should contact your doctor as permanent damage can occur.

Careful mixing Viagra with other medication

One important factor to note about Viagra is that you must be careful when combining it with over-the-counter medication. You should inform your doctor prior to taking Viagra if you are taking any medicines called nitrates, guanylate cyclase stimulators, alpha-blockers, and HIV protease inhibitors. The names of medication that should not be mixed with Viagra include:

  • Adempas
  • Hytrin
  • Flomax
  • Cardura
  • Minipress
  • Uroxatral
  • Jalyn
  • Rapaflo

Mixing these medications can lead to health complications and always remember to consult your doctor before taking Viagra. The medication can help boost flow and allow someone suffering from erectile dysfunction to have an erection and even perform sex but it does not stop sexually transmitted diseases. Viagra will not protect against herpes, Syphilis, or any other sexually transmitted diseases.

Preventative action

There are a number of steps one can take to help stave off or avoid having erectile dysfunction entirely. These steps include watching what you eat, maintaining a healthy weight, and managing your blood pressure and blood sugar. Regular checkups with your doctor can help you stay healthy so be sure to follow the doctor’s advice. If you start to gain weight be sure to make the necessary changes, the goal is to avoid being obese or eating a terrible diet. It is frequently people who have lived overweight most of their lives who experience the health complications that lead to erectile dysfunction.

Best on the market

Viagra is the leading and most trusted name in erectile dysfunction treatment products. These pharmaceutical pills are designed to be discreet and effective. Simple take one or two pills depending on your size and doctor’s advice 30 minutes before sex and you will experience a normal functioning member. Give the most popular erectile dysfunction medication a try today and see why it is the leading brand on the market. You will never have to worry about erectile dysfunction again.