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Reasons to men’s hair loss and effective tips to gain again

      Hair loss is common as men get older. Hair starts getting thinner in 85% of men when they turn fifty Some men are unlucky in that they develop hair loss. Depending on how they look losing hair could be a complete disaster. There are many different treatments that try to help prevent hair loss. There are even implant programs to have real hair implanted or even fake hair.I personally take care of my hair. On that note, taking care of the hair and scalp can improve the chances of not losing your hair Depending on what you use to wash your hair. Washing hair and using certain brands of hair cleaning products can help nourish the hair and scalp with nutrients to help keep the hair healthy so it doesn’t cause hair loss.

     There are also pill supplements that can be taken that help the hair. Supplements can provide proper nutrients to help keep your hair growing. There are even hair growth hormone pills that are suppose to make your body produce more hormones associated for growing hair. Today there have been many new options to try and treat male baldness. A man could get almost any hair style he wanted in a wig or toupee. The implanting is the more pricier way to deal with hair loss. Supplements can be pricey depending on the brand you buy.

     There are many factors that can attribute to hair loss, Cancer treatment, mental disorders and genetic factors are some of the most well known reasons for hair loss to occur, If the man gets cancer and has to go through chemo. They are most likely going to suffer hair loss. I have known people to have to buy wigs Stress factors can cause hair loss to occur. There is even a hair-pulling disorder that would cause hair loss. The hair pulling disorder is called Trichotillomania. If this disorder isn’t treated a person can lose all their hair just buy pulling it out themselves. Hair loss can also occur genetically if the man has family members prior to his generation suffer from hair loss. There is a good chance hair loss will happen to him too.

     The best way to prevent hair loss, would be to take care of the hair. Start early on in life with supplements for hair. Treat the hair to good quality shampoos and conditioners. One method i find very useful is using a hair brush to comb the conditioner in to my hair and let it sit in my hair for a few minutes while I soap up in the shower. When my hair is dry its very smooth and silky. Women like playing with my hair because it is extremely soft.I have always tried to take care of my hair because I love it when females play with my hair.

I started losing my hair in my mid twenties. My dad and grandfather were both bald, so it wasn’t much of a surprise, but it was still a huge bummer. Today, at age thirty-eight, I have a little hair “island” above my forehead, then a ring around the back and sides and that’s about it. For the most part, I shave my head entirely, but during the winter months, I stop shaving and just wear a hat most of the time. I think once I’m fifty or so, I’ll just embrace it and let what I have left grow out. Maybe I’ll go with a skullet like Hulk Hogan, or an aging hippy bony tail. Baldness is really the only thing I’m self conscious about. I have a few extra pounds around my middle, but I don’t wear loose clothing or layers or anything to hide it. For some reason being bald is the only thing about myself I try to hide. It’s strange and I haven’t figured out why this is yet. Like most bald dudes, I’m holding onto the hope that one day a real, permanent cure will be discovered, but until then, for me, it’s the shaving cream and razor, and a good collection of hats.

Jack Williams