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Cialis, for long nights of love

On February 14, 2003 (Valentine’s Day) a small yellow pill called Cialis, a new treatment for erectile dysfunction, arrived in our pharmacy. A nice present for men who have suffered the abrupt interruption of sexual ability due to impotence and for their partner.

Cialis Price in Australia
Buy Cialis in Australia

Many millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction in Australia, often without having the courage to tell anyone. Since 1999, only one drug has faced their problem. They have a new choice today.

A very promising drug

Cialis has the same mechanism of action as Viagra: it works by inhibiting phosphodiesterase 5. This means that it prevents the protein responsible for acting disorders and allows, after the existence of sexual desire and after the right stimulation, to have an erection. But unlike Viagra, it offers the advantage of being taken more than 24 hours before sexual intercourse. 60% of men taking 20 mg of Cialis ® still respond to this product 36 hours later. This long period of action removes some psychological blocks related to the need to plan relationships.

This flexibility in being able to be taken more than 24 hours before sexual intercourse should be a great success, says Dr. Jean-Jacques Weitzman. “In fact, Viagra should be taken an hour before a possible meeting. However, many men are embarrassed by the need to schedule sex without knowing how the partner will be ready for it. Overall, they are very much contained in Viagra, but they often complain of the drug as it generates anxiety. Taking one tablet in 24 hours will be radically different psychological, because you have all day to get in the mood. ”

More than 80% efficiency

Cialis has been more than 60 studies worldwide and has been tested in 1112 men from 22 to 82 years. After taking 20 mg of the drug, erection improved in 81% of men (against only 35% for placebo) and three-quarters of men then managed to have complete, lasting and satisfying sex.

Now, let’s see in particular how to take this medicine, what contraindications it has and when not to use it.

  • Always take this medicine exactly as your doctor has told you. If you are not sure, consult your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Cialis tablets are for oral use and only for men. Swallow the tablet whole with water. The tablets can be taken independently of food intake.
  • The recommended dose is one 5 mg tablet taken once a day at about the same time of day. Your doctor may adjust the dose to 2.5 mg based on your response to Cialis. This dose will be given with a 2.5 mg tablet.
  • Do not take Cialis more than once a day.
  • Administration of Cialis once a day can be useful for men who expect to have sexual activity two or more times a week.

When taken once a day, Cialis allows you to get an erection, if there is sexual stimulation, at any time of the day within 24 hours. It is important to note that Cialis does not act if there is no sexual stimulation. You and your partner will need to engage in the preliminaries as you would if you were not taking a drug for erectile dysfunction.

Taking alcoholic beverages can interfere with your ability to get an erection and can momentarily cause you to reduce your blood pressure.

If you have taken or intend to take Cialis, avoid excessive drinking of alcohol (0.08% blood alcohol level or higher) as this may increase the risk of dizziness as you stand up .