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A significant percentage of Australian men suffer from hair loss. Approximately 40% of men in their 40’s, 30% of men in their 30’s and 20% of men in their 20’s will begin to notice the effects of hair loss, increasing as they get older. Needless to say, this is a common problem with significantly negative effects on body image and self esteem. This hair loss is caused by a genetic sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which occurs when the testosterone in the body is converted by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. DHT not only causes the hair follicles to become thinner and weaker over time but also affects the prostate.

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Drugs like Propecia are a type of drug called 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, which treat DHT related conditions such as male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) and prostate cancer. By blocking the adsorption of DHT in the hair follicles, they will grow thicker and healthier. The effects of Propecia are almost immediate. Within 24 hours of starting treatment of male pattern baldness with Propecia, the levels of DHT shrink by up to 65 percent. After a few months, the levels of DHT will only continue to decrease. Propecia must be taken daily to maintain the resulting hair-growth.

Before trying Propecia you must consult your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to use. Alert your doctor if you have any of these other conditions: liver disease, or abnormal liver enzyme tests; prostate cancer; a bladder muscle disorder; stricture of your urethra; if you are unable to urinate; or if you have ever had an allergic reaction to a similar medicine called dutasteride (Avodart). Only take medication as recommended. Store your medication in a cool, dry location away from children. It is important that women never take Propecia and that the medication is never to be handled by pregnant women since exposure of pregnant women to Propecia can cause birth defects.

The most common side effects are mild and consists of: impotence, loss of interest in sex, or trouble having an orgasm; abnormal ejaculation; swelling in your hands or feet; swelling or tenderness in your breasts; dizziness, weakness; feeling like you might pass out; headache; runny nose; or skin rash.

More serious side effects are rare but can include an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Call your doctor at once if you notice any breast lumps, pain, nipple discharge, or other breast changes. These may be signs of male breast cancer. The sexual side effects of Propecia can remain after stopping the medication so it is important to discuss these risks with your doctor. Also, if you decide to discontinue using Propecia, you will lose the hair regained from the treatment within a 12-month period. If you are experiencing serious side effects seek out medical attention immediately.

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Propecia is a drug that is primarily used for treatment of male pattern hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is commonly described as thinning of the hair on the scalp, and areas most commonly affected are the vertex (or front of hairline) and anterior mid-scalp (top of the head). Propecia works by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body.

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Male pattern hair loss often results in thinning of the hair, leading to a patchy appearance at the front of top of the head, or a receding hairline. Propecia can be used to help counteract the effects of male pattern hair loss, helps in regrowing hair, and also may be used to help shrink the size of the prostate, reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men.

Propecia is the only medication approved by the Food & Drug Administration as a treatment for hair loss in men. It has been available since 1997 as a hair loss treatment, and is now available as a generic, finasteride. This same drug was originally marketed as Proscar and was approved in 1992 as a treatment for prostate enlargement.

By reducing serum DHT concentration, the shrinking of hair follicles is reduced, allowing follicles to regrow visible hair. Propecia has been shown to have an excellent track record of success – with 90% of those using it for hair loss maintaining or increasing hair growth five years after treatment. 48% of those men had experienced additional hair growth, while 42% experienced no additional hair loss after beginning treatment. In another study that ran at the same time using a placebo, only 19% of the men experienced no additional hair loss, while 75% did continue to experience hair loss.

Propecia is beneficial in areas of the scalp where hair is thinning, but it is not effective in regrowing areas that have gone completely bald. Propecia halts or slows down hair loss, and allows thinning hair to grow in fuller. The effects of Propecia peak in one to two years, and it continues to be effective for at least five years. Once Propecia is discontinued, hair loss may start to appear again in two to six months.

Propecia should never be taken by women or children, and the tablets should be handled by women or children, as Propecia can be absorbed through the skin. There is a protective coating on the tablets that prevents contact with active ingredients during normal handling, as long as the tablets are intact. If a woman or child should come in contact with a broken or damaged tablet, they should wash their hands with soap and water right away. Those who have experienced an allergic reaction to finasteride should not take Propecia. It is recommended that you visit your doctor prior to beginning on Propecia so they can assess if you have any conditions that may prevent you from safely using the drug. Your doctor may want to do routine blood tests to ensure the level of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in your blood is not increasing, as this has been linked with prostate cancer.

Propecia should be taken as prescribed. Larger doses than prescribed should not be taken, nor should it be taken for longer than prescribed. Propecia can be taken with or without food, should be taken with a full glass of water, and taken at the same time every day. It can take up to three months or more before you see improvement and users should realize it is a drug that works over the long term. Propecia should be stored at room temperature, away from moisture, heat, and light. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember; if it close to time for your next dose, skip the missed dose.

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Propecia is a product of the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co for treating hair loss in men. The original name of Propecia is Proscar, which was used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia. But then it was discovered that men who took Proscar had experienced an interesting side effect that they grew back their hair after years of being bald. After that, Merck & Co started to do more studies about the new side effect of Proscar. And in 1997, Proscar was re-branded as Propecia and sold as a treatment for hair loss in men. Propecia has became the first medication for hair loss in men that has been approved by the FDA.

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Various studies, by both Merck & Co and independent parties, have shown that the majority of men what have used Propecia for a long period ( at least 4 years) have experienced hair growth or have stopped their hair loss problems. And for those who have experienced hair growth, they also reported that their hairs have become much thicker and larger.

The main ingredient of Propecia is finasteride. This substance inhibits an enzyme called Type II 5 alpha reductase. Type II alpha reductase causes hair loss in men by converting the male hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the main culprit for hair loss in men. DHT generally decreases the size of hair follicles. And because of that, instead of growing normal hair, the now smaller and thinner follicles produce small and thin hair. As a result, the man’s hair stops growing and baldness problem starts. And by inhibiting Type II 5 alpha reductase, finasteride decreases the DHT level in the man’s body and thus make his hair grow again.

Propecia is quite effective to prevent hair loss and to grow back a full, thick hair. And the drug has been approved by the FDA even before it was sold as a medication for hair loss. So Propecia is generally considered as a safe drug. However, there are still some side effects. Everybody who is considering buying and using Propecia must be aware of the potential side effects of Propecia.

The most concerned side effect of Propecia is a drop in sexual desire, enjoyment and even a decrease in semen quality. This side effect is more prevalent and more prominent to those who have used Propecia for a long period, probably over 5 years. This can be a result of how Propecia affects testosterone, the main hormone that is responsible for the libido of a man. This sexual side effect is noted in the drug instruction that can be found in the package of Propecia. And it is absolutely recommended to read the drug instruction before taking any drug.

To get the hair growth effect of Propecia, the recommended dosage is 1 mg daily. It is also recommended that the tablet is taken at the same hour everyday. It is better to not skip any dose but if a man forgets to take Propecia, he should not double the dosage on the next day. The daily dosage of Propecia should never exceed 1mg. To fully experience the hair growth effect of Propecia, the drug must be taken continuously for at least 1 year because many reports have shown that many men may keep experiencing hair loss in the first several months after taking Propecia.

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Propecia is a medicine utilized for the considerate prostatic hyperplasia and male pattern baldness. Really, Propecia is one exchange name for the Finasteride. It is additionally expected that the Propecia may enhance the indications of BPH like trouble in urinating, faltering for the pee, and decreased pee stream. It gives less symptomatic help than alpha-1 blockers, for example, tamsulosin and symptomatic alleviation is slower in onset. Symptomatic advantages are basically found in those with prostate volume. In long haul examines Propecia yet not alpha-1 inhibitors diminish the danger of intense urinary maintenance and the requirement for surgery. On the off chance that the medication is suspended, any restorative advantages turn around inside around 6–8 months. Propecia keeps the transformation of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone-DHT in the body. Propecia is not endorsed for use in ladies, particularly because of dangers of birth imperfections in a baby. It is arranged in the FDA pregnancy class X.

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Propecia is utilized for the treatment of male example male pattern baldness on the vertex and the front mid-scalp region. Male example male pattern baldness is a typical condition in which men encounter diminishing of the hair on the scalp. Frequently, this outcomes in a subsiding hairline as well as going bald on the highest point of the head. Propecia is for use by men just and ought not be utilized by ladies or kids. Propecia is now and then utilized as hormone swap treatment for transgender ladies in mix with a type of estrogen because of its hostile to androgen properties. Clinical research of Propecia use for this reason has been directed and confirmation of adequacy is restricted.

In a few nations MD remedy is required to buy Propecia. Be that as it may, in Australia, online drug store benefit permits to purchase Propecia without a solution. In any case, they caution about the way that you ought to have some colleague with the Propecia like required measurement, strategy for taking which you need to purchase on the web. You should know required measurement that works for You, how to take this medication and each one of those conceivable symptoms. Online stores ensures the nature of Generic Propecia which is sold through their webpage.

Unfriendly impacts from Propecia are uncommon. Contrasted and fake treatment, men going out on a limb Propecia are at expanded hazard for barrenness, erectile brokenness, diminished moxie, and discharge issue for the principal year of treatment. The rates of these impacts gets to be distinctly vague from fake treatment following 2–4 years and these symptoms typically show signs of improvement after some time. The FDA has added a notice to 5α-reductase inhibitors concerning an expanded danger of high-review prostate growth, as the treatment of BPH brings down Prostate-particular antigen, which could cover the advancement of prostate malignancy. Albeit general occurrence of male bosom growth in clinical trials for Propecia 5 mg was not expanded, there are post-promoting reports of bosom tumor in relationship with its utilization. Accessible confirmation does not give clarity with respect to whether there is a causative relationship amongst Propecia and these growths. There are case reports of constant reduced drive or erectile brokenness subsequent to ceasing the medication and the FDA has overhauled the mark to educate individuals of these reports.

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Finasteride or its more commonly known by Australian males as Propecia and Proscar, is a multifunctional drug. Finasteride was was approved by the U.S. Food and drug administration in 1992 to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia or bph and was acquired by and subsequently Merck marketed under the brand name Proscar.
In today’s society and especially amongst australian males, however, propecia is used to treat men with male pattern hair loss to increase hair growth on the scalp and to prevent further hair loss and effects of Androgenetic alopecia, a common form of hair loss in both men and women. Propecia however is a product direct to males and not to be in females, due to the drugs antiandrogen properties that make it a option in connection with estrogen for hormone replacement in transgender woman.
Through the use of Propecia the majority of research shows treatment slows further hair loss not only slows but also provides improvement in hair loss by up to as much as 30% after regular use over a period of 6 month, however research also shows the treatment effects halt when the treatment stops.

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Propecia is becoming more popular in the younger adult range in regards to treating male pattern hair loss as recent studies show androgenetic alopecia is a common condition in which men experience thinning of the hair on the scalp, these changes typically start to occur in some men in their 20s, thought to be caused by a combination of family history and production of a particular male hormone, called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Propecia has shown to lowers the levels of DHT in the scalp, thus helping to reverse the balding process. The thought amongst experts is its best to slow the process now as when the hair loss as occurred there is no growing it back, hence Propecia being a prevention rather than a cure.
Adverse effects from finasteride are rare, however if they occur can cause various issues. A recent study shows that when using the product men taking Propecia are at increased risk for impotence, erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and ejaculation disorder for the first year of treatment. The adverse effect regarding the male sexual factors are thought to subside after a period of 2-4 years. Another issue raised concern the fact that propecia are reductase inhibitors which is thought o reduce antigen in the prostate and therefore mask the signs of cancer, as well as reports of make breast cancer although this isnt proven and shown no signs in research.
The trails of this drug were deemed to be inconclusive due to unclear evidence or not specific enough in the testing, and it’s rumoured that the trials submitted to the FDA for approval for hair loss did not include the category of men who would normally be prescribed finasteride for androgenic alopecia. Before you administer the treatment is important to

  • check that you don’t suffer allergies from the active ingredients of which symptoms may include the lips and face suffering swelling, always check expiry dates and the packaging for signs of damage.
  • Not suitable for woman especially whilst pregnant
  • Not of uses for any other body hair

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A general human nature of the sort to always admired the body and the appearance he or she has. A person always ensures that he can look in the mirror and be confident with the body and the face he or she is gifted with. Who does not spend time in front of mirror ensuring to be in the best look. There is no doubt people are ready to pay a lot for anything which can improve their appearances or hide some appearing issues. The people often at times be victims of certain problems that are prominent to be noticed by other people, this problem can be arisen by the person not taking care of hygiene or any unhealthy habit or it may be hereditary from forefathers. Men these days have started to have a certain problem called the pattern baldness and apparently the numbers are increasing on a large scale.

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With age no doubt the appearances begin to change drastically. Men have the hormones in them called the testosterone which ensures the appearances and maintains many maturity or physical traits. The testosterone need to be produced by the man in proper proportions to ensure proper adolescence maturity and with age proper maintenance of the physical traits. The testosterone in some men gets converted to dihydro testosterone and this causes at times for the prostate to enlarge, and causes a problem called the pattern baldness. The man with this problems begins to hide away from people and begins to lose his confidence. The men having the pattern baldness begin to have hair at vertex with shining head in middle with little or frizzy hair. Many websites and many treatment labs offer the cure for this. The drug industry also has many products ready for the customers. One drug similar in operation is the Propecia in Australia.
Propecia tablet is a 1 mg tablet which prevents the conversion to dihydrotestosterone in the body of the man who takes in the tablet. This tablet is taken for the men having Pattern baldness and some other problems like enlargement of prostrate over age. The tablet is formulated purely for men and must not be abused by giving to Women or must not be brought near children. The man who is going to take the tablet must needs to assure the doctor about all his medications he is taking and the problems. Men with cancer in testis, liver problems, urinating problems, and other problems in the prostate area are not advised to take the medicine. The tablet needs to be taken a minimum of three months daily with doctor’s prescription and dosage instruction to see the effects. Some possible side effects include loss of interest in sex or impotence, swelling, dizziness or weakness, runny nose and some other weakness signs. The man needs to immediately stop dosage if prominent effects occur. Sex related issues may continue so the patient must report immediately to the hospital or seek help. The tablet is sold widely and is being accepted by many men. The cost is about a hundred dollar for thirty tablets. Many coupons are available online for the purchase. The patient must comply to doctors advice and should not exploit rules.