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Cialis Super active is better than any Viagra pills


Sexual pleasure is a very typical need for all men and women ranging a wide age group. Its very critical to have our body and mind i a good condition to enjoy the pleasure during the act. With the current living conditions, there are many psychological factors which affect a major group of men ranging from 20’s to late 50’s. Its technically referred as Erectile dysfunction, meaning there is not enough blood flow to the penis which in turn makes them unable to get or sustain a erection for a period of time. It is also related to impotency. There are many supplements available in the market which will help these set of men to have sexual pleasure. These pills will inhibit enzymes which will increase the blood flow to the penis and keep it erect for a particular period of timeю

Cialis super active
Cialis super active in Australia

Product Use:

Cialis Super active is like any Viagra pills prescribed to men to address the erectile dysfunction condition. This pill is not a cure to impotence but it will help facilitate those men have sexual pleasure during intercourse.These pills relaxes the penis muscles to relax which increase the blood flow and maintains the erection when you are sexually aroused. What makes Cialis super active different from regular Cialis pills is that they are lot cheaper and provide the same effect as regular Cialis pills. It comes in a softgel capsule form.Though its claimed that the conventional Cialis pills have a differnt ingredient, there is no proof of the same. The pills are developed in such a way that it affects the bodily enzymes which will try to counter attack the erection so that they can prolong the duration with a minimal dosage. Its also used to treat prostrate enlargement. Its recommended to start 10mg at first and depending on the need, the dosage can be increased until 20mg. Old aged people who are under medication are recommended not to take more dosage. The pill should be taken at least an hour before the intercourse and it effect may prevail for next 36 hours.

Side Effects:

Its not recommended to take more than one pill a day. These pills comes with its own set of risks. Most common side effects being headache, back pain, stuffy or runny nose, acid reflux and upset stomach which will prevail for few hours. Some serious side effects were include sudden blurred vision or loss of sight,heart attack, chest pain, hearing loss, arm/shoulder pain, nausea, sweating, irregular heartbeat, swelling, shortness of breath, feeling light headed and fainting. Painful erection is another serious issue. if any of these conditions occur, please contact the primary care physician immediately and get it treated. Its highly recommended to start with small dosages which will negate all the above said side effects to a great extent

How to Buy:

Cialis Super Active can be brought online like many other Viagra pills. Its available in websites like You can create your own account with your name, age, DOB, address and email/contact details and start ordering the pills. You can buy with credit cards/debit cards to purchase these pills.


Cialis Super active comes in 4 different dosages 10mg, 20mg & 40mg. Its recommend to get a pill cutter and cut the heavy dosage pills to start with. 10mg and 20mg are the most common dosages. The price of these pills ranges from 75AUD to 950AUD depending on the dosage (10 count to 360 pill count). It also comes in various pill counts from 10 to 360 pills ber box


They can be delivered to home in 1 to 2 weeks of time. The shipment can be tracked at any time once its shipped. It comes in a discrete packaging and there is a minimum of 14 AUD charged for the shipment and delivery. Expedited shipment will charge 27AUD”