Propecia in Australia

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A detailed review of Propecia


Propecia is a medicine that is used for treating hair loss(male pattern baldness) on the anterior mid-scalp and on the vertex area in male a condition characterized by the thinning of hair on the scalp.The treatment is used on men and not on women.

Propecia dosage

  • The dose recommended by doctors for Propecia is one tablet per day through the mouth.
  • The dose can be taken before or after eating.
  • Use the medication regularly and at the same for three months or more for you to experience its benefits.
  • Missed dose should be taken as soon as possible and one should not take extra tablets to make up for dose missed.
  • You should note that failure to take the dose(treatment) may result into reversal of this benefits.
  • The users should read the information and other prescription on the leaflet provided on the medicine by the doctor or the pharmacist and follow all the directions to the latter.
  • Keep the Propecia tablets away from pregnant women and children.

Purchase propecia online in Australia and New Zealand

Purchase propecia online in Australia and New Zealand

Side effects of Propecia

-May cause abnormal ejaculation.

-This medicine may also result into user weakness and dizziness.

-May cause headache to the users.

-The user may loose interest in sex.

-Rashes on the skin and swelling in your hands and feet as well as the breasts are other side effects.

-You may experience running nose,sneezing,back pain and feel like you might become unconscious.

-Unusual drowsiness may also occur.

-Pain in the testicles and increased depression.

-Increase risks of getting prostate cancer.

NOTE: if the side effects persist,you must see and inform the doctor.
How to buy Propecia in Melbourne

Propecia tablets are available at online shops and the payment is also made online. Buying online is convenient,easy,time saving and cheaper and makes this medication readily available to all users. You can also buy Propecia in drugstores.Before you buy the product,ensure you meet all the conditions required in acquiring and using it. Follow doctor prescriptions before buying the drug.
Generic and brand medication of Propecia

The genetic name of Propecia is Finasteride. There are about thirty(30) brands of Finasteride.Some of the brand names include Proscar and Propecia.The genetic finasteride as well as the brand Popecia have 1 mg of finasteride.

Price online of Propecia

Propecia pills are sold at 60 cents per tablet at the online shops.Regular supply of the medicine for example on monthly bases will just cost you 50 to 68 dollars.This saves your money due to good promotion available in online pricing.You also enjoy high level of privacy.

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