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Modernization indeed leads us all to a path where we begin to take the technology and the luxury take control of us and we begin to ignore the simplest steps to take care for our own bodies. The mental satisfaction of an individual have begun to decrease and the obvious example is the people starting to pay more and more money for the yoga and other activities to gain physical health and have a better functionality of the body. Our lives have come to a point where all we do is lay around and become obese and this indirectly has lead many of the men to have conditions affecting their private part. The main victims are men who are required to have a penis which is able to attain erection and have semen produced in the scrotum. The scrotal sac is the main hub for the production of semen or male gamete. And due to the reason of many men opting for masturbation they have begun to have some problems. Some men tend to hold their semen in or when they are about to ejaculate they close the opening and force a back pressure inside the penis. Little do they know that this leads to a state of a person called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This state of a man is when his scrotal sac has a increase in the volume or the testes gets extra structures around it. This leads eventually a difference in the temperature of the man’s scrotum leading to a problem of infertility. Men after a certain age also begin to have signs of this problem. The problems arising from the BPH is that the man gets urgency to urinate frequently, pain in the penis or a burning sensation, blood in the pee at times, Scrotum problem of temperature for semen production. The men tend to have a problem in their sexual gland and are not able to have a proper sex life as well as have a disturbed urination problem.

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The drug industry has always given humans a solution and this problem also has a solution which is safe to be taken the drug called Proscar is widely sold for the patients having benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) this drug is accepted by many doctors and they recommend it to the patients with the problem. The drug eases the penile pain and in a period of few days decreases the sac volume and the urgency to urinate. The drug is safe but the allergic patients to the drug contents must not use and the patient must inform the doctor of the issues and the drugs he is taking. The drug is harmful to women and children and must be away from them. The drug is no doubt a safe solution for the patients and is being sold in major online drug stores and even on the Proscar official website. The drug has mild effects of headache and such dizzy effects but is rare to occur. But the patient must at all times take safe means and take the drug on time as prescribed by the doctor. The men must begin to face the problem and take the safe drug and ease their sex life and their bowel problems. The drug industry has a perfect solution for BPH and it is proscar. The patients with certain problems like cancer, liver disease, heart problems must stay away from the drug and the patient who wants to take drug must first consult a doctor.

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