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What is Propecia?
Propecia also known as Finasteride in medical terms is one of the most effective treatment of male hair loss pattern especially around crown and mid-scalp area. Pattern hair loss is a very common and troublesome condition for Adult Men in which they experience a lot of thinning of the hair around mid-scalp area. It should only be used by men and under no condition should be used by any women or children. Propecia works by decreasing the amount of a natural body hormone produced, which results in the increasing of regrowth of hair cells and slower loss of head Hair. It does not affect the growth of hair on other parts of the Human body. Some Propecia is found to be used as a treatment for other purposes not mentioned in the Prescription, Such as Prostate cancer but no effective results are achieved.

Buy Propecia tablets online

Buy Propecia tablets online

How to use Propecia?
Propecia should only be taken as prescribed by your doctor. It should not be taken in larger amounts or for longer than recommended by your doctor. All the directions on your prescription should be followed strictly. Propecia is taken with a full glass of water and can be taken with or without any food. The Medicine should also be taken at the precious time everyday for better result. It is also important to use Propecia on a regularly basis to get the most benefit. In some cases Propecia needs to taken daily for about three months or even more before you see a result. If the drug does not work for you in 6-12 months time, a further treatment is most unlikely to cure you. If you stop taking Propecia, you will likely lose the hair you have gained within 12 months of stopping treatment. You should discuss this with your doctor.
Your blood will also need to be tested often to make sure the Medication is not causing any harmful effects. Your Physician will need to examine your prostate specific antigen also known as (PSA) in medical terms to check if you have developed any prostate cancer. Like all medicines Propecia also needs to be stored in a cool and dry room away from heat, and light.
In Australia Propecia can only be bought of a Doctor’s Prescription at Most of the Chemist Shop. It is mostly supplied by Merck Sharp & Dohme Australia Pty Limited in all of over Australia. PROPECIA looks like a tan and shaped in octagon. The tablet comes with a “P” logo marked on one side and “Prosperia” marked on the other side.
Side effects
The Most reported side effect of Propecia is the decrease in sexual desire or ability in some Men. Some men are also reported to suffer with Erectile Dysfunction(ED) and Male Impotence. It also can decrease the amount of sperm released during Sexual intercourse. It is mostly harmful but may continue in some men even after stopping the medication. If it happens not to stop you should consult your doctor.
There maybe some unusual and serious side effects of the medicine like Dizziness, rash, Itching, Swelling of face and tongue, Lump in the breast and nipple area, Breast enlargement, pain in the testicles and inability to urinate. If any of these Symptoms are found you must visit your doctor promptly.

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