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Propecia, also known as Finasteride, is a medication created to specifically assist with urinary retention. Urinary retention occurs when persons, specifically men, are unable to empty their bladder. This is a condition that is common in men ages 50-70 due to an enlarged prostate.

Buy Propecia tablets in Australia

Along with urinary retention, Propecia can also assist in male pattern hair loss. It keeps the testosterone in the body from turning into dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone is a male sex hormone, that can also occur in women with balding concerns. With this medication, men no longer have to decide whether to go bald or practice the comb over method.

After completing a 12-month study on the medication, it was found that gentlemen who had previously suffered from hair loss, had grown a significant amount of hair while on the product. The region of growth included the anterior mid-scalp area, one of the most prominent areas of hair loss in men. For the most accurate results, candidates who had already been diagnosed with alopecia were selected, as their cases of male baldness were to the most extreme.

Women and children must keep in mind that these tablets are gender-exclusive to men and never consume them. The active ingredient inside of the tablets may cause infertility and birth defect issues in women who come in contact with the product. Please be certain to use caution when providing to your male counterpart.

As mentioned before, Propecia contains an ingredient called Finasteride, which should be completely avoided if you have allergies to this medication. For any allergic reactions, please seek your closest hospital or 911 in an emergency.

In regards to the amount of medication you should take, please only follow the instructions provided by your physician. The usual dosage is 1 tablet per day, but again, please heed your doctor’s instructions. With all intake of Propecia, one may have with or without a meal. Unlike many medications, this is not a requirement, though feel free to enjoy a snack on your own accord.

When storing the medication, make sure to store it at room temperature in a dry environment. The ideal temperature ranges from 59 to 86 degrees farenheit. or 15-30 degrees celsius. Always keep the container closed for lasting freshness.

As for the potential side effects of this drug, they are listed as the following: lower libido, erectile dysfunction, lower quantity of ejaculate upon emission, impotence, enlarged breasts, tender breasts, and finally, a rash. You will need to contact your physician if you experience any of these symptoms.

Before you decide to take this medication, you must advise your physician of any prior conditions and medications. Conditions that could affect you would be any issues with your prostate and your liver. Consulting about these things with your doctor is only to protect you from any adverse side effects.
Finally, do not provide your peers with this medication, especially if they have not been prescribed to it themselves. Any side effects they may have could cause harm to them. They must meet with their doctor to obtain the proper treatment for whatever may be ailing them.

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