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Propecia is a product of the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co for treating hair loss in men. The original name of Propecia is Proscar, which was used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia. But then it was discovered that men who took Proscar had experienced an interesting side effect that they grew back their hair after years of being bald. After that, Merck & Co started to do more studies about the new side effect of Proscar. And in 1997, Proscar was re-branded as Propecia and sold as a treatment for hair loss in men. Propecia has became the first medication for hair loss in men that has been approved by the FDA.

Buy Propecia tabs in Sydney

Various studies, by both Merck & Co and independent parties, have shown that the majority of men what have used Propecia for a long period ( at least 4 years) have experienced hair growth or have stopped their hair loss problems. And for those who have experienced hair growth, they also reported that their hairs have become much thicker and larger.

The main ingredient of Propecia is finasteride. This substance inhibits an enzyme called Type II 5 alpha reductase. Type II alpha reductase causes hair loss in men by converting the male hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the main culprit for hair loss in men. DHT generally decreases the size of hair follicles. And because of that, instead of growing normal hair, the now smaller and thinner follicles produce small and thin hair. As a result, the man’s hair stops growing and baldness problem starts. And by inhibiting Type II 5 alpha reductase, finasteride decreases the DHT level in the man’s body and thus make his hair grow again.

Propecia is quite effective to prevent hair loss and to grow back a full, thick hair. And the drug has been approved by the FDA even before it was sold as a medication for hair loss. So Propecia is generally considered as a safe drug. However, there are still some side effects. Everybody who is considering buying and using Propecia must be aware of the potential side effects of Propecia.

The most concerned side effect of Propecia is a drop in sexual desire, enjoyment and even a decrease in semen quality. This side effect is more prevalent and more prominent to those who have used Propecia for a long period, probably over 5 years. This can be a result of how Propecia affects testosterone, the main hormone that is responsible for the libido of a man. This sexual side effect is noted in the drug instruction that can be found in the package of Propecia. And it is absolutely recommended to read the drug instruction before taking any drug.

To get the hair growth effect of Propecia, the recommended dosage is 1 mg daily. It is also recommended that the tablet is taken at the same hour everyday. It is better to not skip any dose but if a man forgets to take Propecia, he should not double the dosage on the next day. The daily dosage of Propecia should never exceed 1mg. To fully experience the hair growth effect of Propecia, the drug must be taken continuously for at least 1 year because many reports have shown that many men may keep experiencing hair loss in the first several months after taking Propecia.

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