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Propecia is a medication that is used to treat androgenetic alopecia (male hair loss or male pattern baldness) at the vertex/crown and in the front mid-scalp area. The medication should be handled only by adult men who are experiencing the thinning of their hair resulting to receding of the hairline or balding. Why? Because the medication has very serious consequences when handled by either children or women, for example, pregnant women can lose the unborn children while women anticipating to get pregnant can result to barrenness; worse still the unborn babies may get defects. The medication reduces the level of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) by preventing the testosterone from converting to DHT. The reduction of DHT causes less hair loss and increase in hair regrowth. All the other parts of the body with hair are not affected by Propecia.

Before taking Propecia, you should first consult your doctor. The product finasteride is absorbed through the skin and that’s why the children and women should keep off. If you are a woman or a child you should try as much as possible not only not to use the product, but also not to handle it. If you are a man, then make sure that you should disclose to the doctor if you have the following conditions: you get an allergic reaction after using similar products like Avodart (dutasteride), you have urination problems, you have urethra problems, you have bladder muscle problem or disorder, you have prostate cancer, you have abnormal liver enzymes test, or if you have a liver disease. You can only take the medication safely if the doctor checks all your medical conditions and gives a go ahead. Finasteride increases the risks of getting prostate cancer in men, thus, it is wise to consult.

Buy Generic Propecia

Buy Generic Propecia

If you experience any Propecia side effects like an allergic reaction you should get emergency medical assistance from your doctor or the hospital near you. Some of those allergic signs that you may encounter are swelling of your throat, tongue, lips, or face; breathing difficulties; hives. Other serious signs that should make you call your doctor right way are: having changes in the breast like nipple discharge, breast pain, and breast lumps which can be the first signs of the male breast cancer. Finally, the following are the less dangerous side effects of Propecia: skin rashes, running nose, headaches, the feeling of being about to pass out, feeling weak, feeling dizzy, breast swelling, feeling soreness in the breasts, feet or hands swelling, having abnormal ejaculations, having trouble to get an orgasm, loss of sexual appetite, or impotence. Beware that some of the problems that are related to the sexuality may persist after the medication.

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