Propecia in Australia

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Generic Propecia – Say “No” To Baldness

Dense shinny hairs is a dream of most of the men.Loss of hair is one of the most common problem of men. However the solution in form of ” Propecia” is now available. Propecia is a medication available for treatment of lost hair ( For men only ).A quick short course of Propecia for three months can make you look young again. Thinning of scalp line hairs resulting in baldness is one of the main hair problems in men these days. Propecia is the treatment recommended for such men who experience hair loss at scalp hair line or mid scalp area.Propecia (pharmaceutical name Finasteride) is a product made by Merck, A US based pharmaceutical company. In Australia Propecia is not available without prescription.In Australia You can get Propecia from Merck Sharp & Dohme (Australia) . The registration number for Propecia in Australia is AUST R 62084. You can also get Propecia online at online pharmacies like in Australia.

Generic Propecia in Australia now

Generic Propecia in Australia now

How To Use Propecia
Before knowing how to use Propecia, keep in mind that this medication is for men only and under no circumstances should be used by women or children. Specially pregnant women or women trying to conceive should never be allowed to use this medicine in any case. Finasteride is the key component of Propecia which can even absorb through skin. So a crushed or cut tablet can also cause problem for women specially pregnant women.In case of any such instance please wash the area gently with water and soap immediately and consult your doctor.
In case you are on any other medication or think that you are allergic to Finasteride, please consult your doctor first. Also if you have any condition like prostate cancer, liver disease, urinary tract problem and bladder disorder, do not take Propecia without consultation of doctor.
Prescription of doctor is the most key element in usage of Propecia, It use should never be over extended or over dosed in any case without doctors consultation.The best way to take Propecia is to take medicine with water. With or without food is the choice of person but keep in mind that a schedule of taking medicine must be followed in full. The results of Propecia are best when its usage reaches minimum three months but for three months time, one tablet daily should be consumed with water at the same time each day. In case you miss your schedule time , try to take Propecia as soon as possible but do not take the tablet if your next dosage time is around the corner. Also do not try to take double medication in the next scheduled time as this will result in over dosage. In case you do an over dose or feel any negative effects physically , call the emergency number of your area and consult your doctor as soon as possible.Stop usage of Propecia if its benefits to you are not shown within twelve months time as it is very unlikely that the results will show now.To be completely sure that the medicine is providing benefit to you , it is better to get blood tested often.
In case you feel dizzy , breathing difficulty, swelling of lips, tongue, face or throat consult your doctor immediately. These may be the sign that your may be allergic to Finasteride. In very unlikely conditions you may have mild side effects of Propecia which are mild sexual abnormalities , swelling in different parts of body, feeling weak or dizzy , headaches, runny nose , itching and skin rash.

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