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Propecia (Finasteride) – Baldness drug

Propecia is a medication that is used to prevent the body from converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Propecia is used to treat male pattern hair loss on the front and middle of their scalp. The pattern hair loss is a common condition in men where they experience a thinning of hair on their scalp. Often the hair loss leads to receding hairlines and/or balding on the scalp.

Buy Propecia finasteride in Australia

Propecia should only be used by men, it is not designed for use by women and children. Women and children also should not handle propecia tablets as the medication can be absorbed through the skin. Propecia can cause birth defects so women who are pregnant or trying to fall pregnant should avoid coming into any contact with propecia.

There is a risk of allergic reaction to the medication, so if the patient has ever had an allergic reaction to finasteride or similar medication, the doctor should be informed about it. Doctors will perform tests before prescribing propecia to ensure that there are not any other dangers.

Propecia can increase the likelihood of prostate cancer and male breast cancer. If lumps in the breast, nipple discharge, pain or other breast changes occur the patient should go to the doctor to be checked for male breast cancer.

The prescription label for Propecia should be followed correctly, a greater dose than recommended should never be taken, and it should only be taken for the amount of time that is recommended by the doctor. The medication should be taken at the same time every day with a full glass of water. If an accidental overdose occurs the poison hotline should be called immediately or the patient should go to hospital in case of any adverse effects.

Doctors will need to conduct regular blood tests to ensure that the patient is not having any negative side effects to the medication.
Propecia could result in the following side effects:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Impotence, reduced libido or trouble having an orgasm
  • Abnormal ejaculation
  • swelling of hands and feet
  • tender and swelling of breasts
  • dizziness and weakness
  • feeling like you might pass out
  • headache
  • runny nose
  • skin rashes

The sexual side effects including reduced libido, trouble having an orgasm and impotence may continue even after the patient discontinues using the medication, so this all must be discussed between the doctor and patient before taking the medication.

Propecia can be purchased online in Australia at in 1, 2, 3 and 6 month supplies of 28, 56, 84, and 168 tablets respectively. The price ranges from $59.95 for the 1 month supply to $189.95 for the 6 month supply with an additional $9.95 for postage, or free pickup in Brisbane QLD. Propecia is normally a prescription only medication but this website does not require a prescription, it will just ask some pre-screening questions, like an online doctor consultation.

Propecia can also be bought by getting a prescription from a local doctor and going to a local pharmacy with the script. The price will vary according to what pharmacist you go to, and a valid prescription is required.

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