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Propecia for Treating Men Hair Loss

Propecia is a medication that is used to treat men pattern of losing hair on the fore scalp and the pinnacle area. This condition of men pattern hair loss is one of the most familiar conditions in male who suffer from reduction of the hair on the fore scalp. This makes the head to develop a bald on top or diminishing the hairline of the head. This drug is supposed to be used only by men, so women and children are not supposed to use it.

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Possible adverse effects

One of the most familiar side effects of propecia in male is minimized sex energy. This leads to decline of the quantity of semen produced and maintaining a strong erection. If you realize breast softness, discharge from the nipple, lumps on the chest or enlargement you are supposed to see your physician. It is worth to contact your physician because these may be cancerous signs. You are supposed to inform your doctor if you are suffering from prolonged decline in sex power or you are depressed or if you have problem in maintaining an erection. Other serious side effects you may experience as you take this medication include male infertility, itching, low quality semen, swelling of face, throat and mouth, hives and others. There are a lot of side effects you may get, so if you realize any unusual feeling or symptoms after you take the drug, it is important to inform your physician.

How it interacts with other drugs

At the time there is no drug that is recognized to interact wrongly with this medication. Although there is no interaction of medical value that has been known, it is vital to inform your physician about all the prescription or the contradictions medication that you are taking such a vitamin, herbal supplements, recreational and other illicit drugs.

Other forms of interactions

If your physician advices you not to take some food, beverages or activities, you are not if you are taking the drug. In addition, if you take food and experience that you are not well as you take this drug; it is worth to consult your physician immediately.

How to take it

You are supposed to take one milligram of this drug every day. It depends on you desire if to take the drug with or without food. Mainly, it takes four or more months before you begin noticing complete effectiveness of this medication. The effectiveness of this drug is reversed within two years if you discontinue taking it.

In case of an overdose

If you make a fault and overdose this medication or if your kid or a woman touch it, you should consult your physician immediately or call any center dealing with poison control.

If you miss a dose

If you realize that you have not taken the dose as you are directed by your physician or according to recommendations on the label, you are not supposed to take a double dose compensate. Do not take additional drugs because they will not help.

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