Propecia in Australia

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Propecia generic in Melbourne online

Propecia is the brand name of the drug Finasteride. It is a medicine used primarily by the male sex in the treatment of male pattern baldness and also benign prostatic hyperplasia. It works by inhibiting a specific enzyme (5α-reductase) the enzyme which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

Propecia generic in Melbourne online

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a condition affecting only men whereby the prostate enlarges but is non-cancerous. The prostate can enlarge to a size such that it prevents the easy flow of urine from the bladder. It is the most common cause of lower urinary tract conditions in men. Symptoms can include frequent urination, nocturnal urination urgency, involuntary urination (both nocturnal and in daytime), endless dripping, loss of sensation of bladder emptiness and also chronic pain. Propecia has been shown as an effective medication to ease this condition. In Australia in 2016 – an enlarged prostate was treated with Propecia in over 130 males per 100000 males.

Male pattern baldness can affect all men starting from as young as 20 years old. It is distinct from other types of alopecia in that it is regarded as a natural and non-illness related condition. However, many men often struggle to come to terms with hair loss and there is a very large market in Australia for anti-hair loss products. In Australia nearly half of all men will have developed some kind of male pattern baldness by the age of 50 with the majority of cases reported as commencing for men in their late twenties or early thirties. Early signs and symptoms are a receding hairline and general thinning of the hair all over. The condition is hereditary. In Australia Propecia when sold as a anti-hair-loss product is marketed under the brand Regaine (known more commonly worldwide as Rogaine). However, it is not just men that are affected and reports have shown that in Australia nearly 60% of women are also affected by some degree of pattern baldness.

The University of Melbourne, Australia recently conducted a study into the incidence of baldness in the Australian population. Their findings aligned with other predominantly Caucasian nations of the world in confirming with great confidence that the condition is hereditary. They proved that identical twins will have the same degree of baldness and develop it at the same age and rate regardless of their lifestyle habits or nutrition.

Australia is different to many other world nations in that, Propecia is not available to buy off the shelf in the store but it requires the consumer to have a prescription. This law has thus limited the market potential of Propecia in Australia and given an advantage to alternative treatment drugs such as Minoxidil. There are many companies operating websites in Australia that offer to sell Propecia without prescription but these are illegal and the content of the products is therefore not carefully controlled and could present a danger to the consumer. However, a prescription for Propecia is not difficult to obtain but requires a not from the consumer’s physician or general practitioner which can then be passed to the pharmacist for legal purchase.

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