Propecia in Australia

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Propecia in Australia

Propecia is the brand name for the medication Finasteride. While originally developed to address the issue of male prostate enlargement, it’s more
popular use is for treating pattern hair loss. Given its connection to male sexual health, some have shied away from its use due to concerns over sexual
‘side effects.’ They can include short term impotence and lack of sexual desire. However many long term users, happily married and fathers of children, while under its use have asserted the purported side effects to be overblown.

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How does Propecia work?

Propecia helps block the conversion of DHT in your body, and DHT is what attacks men’s hair follicles causing them to shrink up. Men’s hair doesn’t just “ploop” fall off and never regrow. DHT attacks the follicles causing the follicles to shrink down until they’re too small to produce large enough hairs . So, the smaller and smaller hair follicles get, the smaller and smaller the hairs on your head get. Using Propecia to reverse that trend on your follicles will help to thicken the hairs on your head.

But, why do men use Propecia. After all, a clean shaven head has gained a certain cache in contemporary society since the early 90’s.
Well, the reality is, that most men, given the choice, simply do not want to go bald. Believe it or not, there’s still a stigma with being bald, and it holds bald men back from being powerful and as successful as men with hair. For example, look at the Forbes top 100 richest men. About 80% of them have a decent amount of hair (or a wig, but at least the appearance of hair). Look at US presidents. Only about 4 or 5 of them were bald and none in recent memory.
Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and certainly Donald Trump, have made sure they had (again, at least the appearance of a) full head of hair.
The reason for this varies, but it’s widely considered that a balding man’s self-confidence takes a hit at a younger age since most male pattern baldness starts to be apparent in the late teens to mid 20’s, and this stunts them going forward.
Now, there are obvious exceptions to the rule. Everybody knows about Charles Barkley and Patrick Stewart.
So, it’s not true that bald man can never be successful. It’s just that, given the option, most men would chose not to be bald. And Propecia, at least in theory holds the promise of that eventuality never coming to fruition.

And, this phenomena is as true in Australia as it is anywhere else in the world. Think of our most famous exports. Mel Gibson, Steve Irwin, Dame Edith (ok, that’s a wig!) But everybody from to Hugh Jackman and all the way to Russell Crowe all had lush full heads of hair. At least in their prime. And, there’s
a reason you rarely saw Crocodile Dundee without his trademark cowboy hat!

But, does Propecia really work. Well, as with any miracle cure product, the results will vary. However, there have been promising testimonials.
A young American actor first noticed his hair thinning in his early 20’s. Acutely aware that baldness ran in his family, he rushed to the comforting arms of Propecia and now, nearly ten years later and in his early 30’s, he swears it saved his career. He reports “at the time I’d been losing hair since I was 21. I wasn’t dating anyone at the time, I wasn’t set in a career, I wasn’t as confident with myself as I am right now. That, and I know several people who lost their hair at an early age…and it affected their self-image because of the way that OTHER people treated/treat them. So, despite the scary side effects, I got on it and haven’t looked back. My IMDB profile page is proof positive that this stuff works.”

Others of course, have had less than stellar results and there are other drawbacks. For example, a month’s supply of Propecia can cost you $100 or more.
However, your insurance may cover it’s treatment. Check with your doctor for details. But, on the whole, it appears that Propecia is a legitimate solution for me who are just beginning to see hair loss early in the process. It may not reverse the effect for men that have gone fully bald. But, it sure seems
to have pleased a lot of people who credit Propecia for never having to face that day.

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