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Hair loss can be detrimental to self-image, but what side effects are you willing to suffer to regain those curly locks? Many of the pharmaceuticals that you see advertised on television today come with a list of undesirable side effects the length of your arm, many of which are worse than the symptom you were treating to begin with. Propecia is no different. Among the fine print list that you doctor will rattle off faster than you can compute them all, is the possibility of erectile disfunction.

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I could be wrong, but I have a hard time believing that a middle-aged American is worried about restoring his hair line out of fear of what his male counterparts might think if he started thinning out on top. Rather he is a single bachelor or a married family man, the opinion of the opposite sex is what drives a man to worry about such things. So, there lies the issue. You want to regrow your hair, so you use a medication to regrow your hair, only to be left impotent and unable to fully enjoy the company of the lovely lady that you found. Irony can have such a sharp sting.
Now, lets take a look at the commercials for this product, and many more like it. You have a middle-aged man, that has just regrown his thick hair, and you have his beautiful for her age counterpart that is completely unable to resist and keep her hands off him or out of his hair. This, to me, is just a rude smack in the face. It’s like pouring salt in the wound. This company has a product that is known to cause E.D. and they market it the same way as we do almost everything else in this country, with sex. And the saddest part is that we buy into it. Most men are in so much a hurry to break the old comb back out and dust it off, along with that old vintage club gear, that they never even take time to realize that there could be any side effect, let alone one that destructive to the entire operation of what he is trying to achieve. It probably wouldn’t hurt if someone did the research to see if the same company make a drug to treat the erectile issues that Propecia creates. And don’t think that is the solution to the issue, because if they do, it most likely causes you hair to fall out, or you nose to fall off.
So, in short, be sure to do your homework before taking medications, even the ones prescribed by your doctor. You must keep in mind, you are not the only one paying that guy. He gets paid from so many different companies, his coat should look like he drove for Nascar. And remember, there are many women out there that find a bald man sexy. If the top is starting to thin, try some different cuts, maybe break out the razor and take it all off. But be aware of what you are really getting when you leave the doctor’s office.

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