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Things to know before taking the blue pill

As humans are sexual beings, we always look for ways to improve that particular part of our lives. But before deciding to spice up your sex life with the iconic blue pill, there are some medical facts one should be aware of.

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Buy Viagra 100 mg

First of all, there is one popular misconceptions about Viagra that have to be omitted right at the beginning of this article. Viagra does not cause erection without sexual arousal and it does not affect one’s orgasm. The effectiveness of Viagra depends on the sexual stimulation and excitement. There is no proof about Viagra affecting the length, frequency or intensity of an orgasm. So bottom line is, Viagra is a drug designed to help with the blood flow going to the penis, which consequently leads to an erection.
The recommended usage dose for starters is approximately half of the pill, meaning 50mg, once a day. Depending on the response of your body and penis in general, one can later increase the dose. With increasing the dosage, one also increases the possibility and intensity of side effects of the little blue pill. Possible side effects, which can occur even when taking the prescribed dosage, are slight reddening of the face, stomach irritation, headache, dizziness, diarrhoea and nasal congestion. With increasing the dose there is also a possibility of visual impairment. Other side effects of Viagra are still unknown. Good news however is, that Viagra does not in any way affect one’s fertility.
Viagra is supposed to cause erection in a time span of one hour, again depending on the sexual arousal of a person. The effectiveness of Viagra is greatest in the first four hours after ingestion, while the benefits or effects of the pill can still be experienced up to eight hours after ingestion, supposing you are sexually aroused in that time span. Viagra should not be mixed with other medicine, and should not be taken with alcohol. Best performance comes after taking the pill on an empty stomach along with a lot of water.
There is an age limit of 18 years for the usage of Viagra, while the above age limit is not defined. It has been established that the consumption of the pill by persons over 85 years of age is still completely safe.
Generic Viagra is a treatment for erectile disfunction and as such should not be considered as a cure for male’s problems. As mentioned before, Viagra only helps with erection but cannot work without sexual arousal. Men, looking to solve their problems with impotence, should consider different ways of treating their condition. As any other drug, Viagra should be taken seriously and with great caution. There are reports that people can get addicted to the pill and refuse sexual interaction without it.
Just like any other medication, Viagra must be consumed with care and responsibility. It is not recommended for people with heart problems or people who have lately experienced any kind of stroke. In case of any side effects or exceeding the prescribed dose, one should immediately consult a specialist. However, if taken appropriately, Viagra can help one achieve better performance and make their sexual experience better than ever.

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