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Treating Male Pattern Baldness and Other Ailments with Propecia

As the population ages, we are faced with many of the adverse effects of aging. But we are not a culture that is content to sit back and take whatever comes our way! We are survivors who tend to squeeze every drop out of life and so we look for medical answers when our bodies begin to age and lose some of their dynamic attributes. Hair loss is one of those things that many people just can’t tolerate. While some men simply shave the rest of their hair off and call themselves sexy, many feel self-conscious and do everything they can to achieve a youthful look with the hair that they have left.

Buy Propecia online

Buy Propecia online

Propecia is a medication that adjusts testosterone levels by preventing it from converting to another substance in the body, hence allowing testosterone to remain in the body to do its job. We’ve all heard of testosterone and are familiar with its link to ‘manliness’, aggression, and sexual prowess. Hence, the drug, Propecia, may ring a bell to people who have seen advertisements or heard about it in other ways. It is used to treat many issues, but is widely known for the treatment of male pattern baldness. This hair loss is usually associated in shifts in testosterone levels in men. This should not – ever! – be confused with female hair loss. Propecia is designed and tested for use by only men and could have negative effects on women and children. Since the substance can be absorbed through epidermal contact (in other words, if you touch it), the tablets should not even be handled by women or children, let alone ingested by them. There are other ways to treat women and children who suffer from hair loss or thinness. It is particularly dangerous to pregnant women and can cause birth defects.

The upside to all of these warnings is that it is a significantly powerful medication that can do men a world of good. Further issues that should be brought to your doctor’s attention before taking Propecia include a history of liver disease, prostate cancer, bladder disorders, urethra disorders, trouble urinating, or allergic reactions to similar products.

The general directions include daily use and must be used for approximately three months to see results. Unfortunately, to maintain results, one must continue to use the medication or the effects will reverse in approximately a year.

The substance found in Propecia, finasteride, can be used for the treatment of an enlarged prostate as well as hair loss. It often helps with the symptoms, such as urination problems including reduced urinary flow, urgency to urinate, and difficulties starting to urinate. While substances such as alpha-1 blockers are often used more often to alleviate symptoms of an enlarged prostate, some early studies show that greater prostate size can lead to better results with this substance. Also, the drug may reduce the need for surgery in some cases by reducing urinary retention. As with the hair loss treatments, the symptomatic relief will reverse if an individual stops taking the medication.


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