Propecia in Australia

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Uses of propecia in treatment of male hair loss

Components of propecia

Propecia is made from testosterone and lipophilic component, trade name include, propecia and proscar, the usage of the drug was approved in 1992 by food and drug administration in United States of America.

Uses of propecia

Propecia with the generic name, finasteride, is merck manufactures product, which was first prescribed for male prostate enlargement treatment in United States of America. Currently, propecia is used for treatment of male hair loss that result to baldness on top of the head. It prevents turning of dihydrotestosterone from testosterone. This drug stops hair thinning on the scalp. The usage of drug is only authorized for men and not women and children, in woman it can lead to defect in birth. When pregnant women accidentally get in contact with this drug, it is advisable to wash the affected area tightly with soap. It can get into the blood stream through skin absorption. Patients suffering from finasteride allergies are cautioned from use. Propecia is also used in hormone therapy replacement between male and female, this is possible due to the drug antiandrogen properties.

Buy propecia against hair loss in Australia

Buy propecia against hair loss in Australia

Side effects of propecia

More common side effects of propecia include, chills dizziness, the victim may feel confused, or experience cold sweets. The less expected side effect are bloating of the face, mare skin rashes, limp and swelling of the face, people using propecia may either gain or loss weight, men can experience enlargement of breast, decrease sexual need as a result of inability to keep an rejection is also a possible side effect, running nose and pains experience in testicles. The possible side effects that have not been reported include, discharge of clear substance from the breast, nipple invention, swelling of lump under the armpits. It can also cause birth defects in pregnant women. If you experience some of these signs, seek medical care from your physician. Some of these signs are not serious and do not need attention of doctors, some will disappear with time as the body get use to the drug.

Propecia dosage instructions

Propecia can be administered either or before taking meals. One tablet daily is the recommended dosage for male adults. Medication results do not show up immediately but after three to four months of usage. If the drug is not used as per physician recommendation or withdrawn, before the required time, the condition can reverse within period of one year. It is advisable not to combine the use of propecia since it can lead to severe complications. Combination with other drugs can be done under the instruction of a physician.

Propecia online prices.

Price of propecia is not constant and this depends on published price list, claims record and discount from pharmacy. They also depend different location of the warehouses selling the drug. The price range from fourteen dollars to 54 depending on the coupon.

The recommended treatment of male hair loss, and enlargement of male tentacles is propecia, despite few law suits pending in courts from the side effect victims, propecia is still in the market for the treatment of above conditions.

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